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OJAS - ingredients - antioxidants, peptides, probiotics, stem cells, organics
Just like the plants and enzymes flowing through every OJAS product, we base our technological research on the fact that skin is a living breathing organism and your body’s largest organ. 


We call our signature blend of antioxidants, peptides, probiotics, plant stem cells, and natural organics ™ – because they exhibit the balance of Prevention, Protection, Reviving, and Recovery in which we have founded the brand. We then customize each ™ for life’s integral skin needs, protection and renewal, giving you maximum results while still being gentle to your precious skin.

Amino Acids – revive skin’s energy and protect cells from damage
Edelweiss Flower – reduces the appearance of wrinkles, prevents collagen loss
Anti-Aging Peptides – fight expression wrinkles; nature’s alternative to Botox
Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres – smooth wrinkles as well as providing long lasting hydration
Knotgrass – increases the skin’s elasticity and firmness
Matrikine Peptides – restore the skin’s youthful metabolism focusing on the UV damage-prone dermis layer
Organic Sustainable Physalis Plant – repairs collagen, reduces inflammation and prevents aging skin
Plant Algae – reduces irritation and prevents UV damage
Plant-Based Marine Extracts – reverse free radicals and UV damage, replenish antioxidants
Soybean Lipids – repair the DNA of skin including reversing current skin UV damage
Yeast Extract – reduces wrinkles without the harsh irritating side effects of retinols and glycolics