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Your skin radiates as your health improves. Enhancing the skin, by balancing its ever-changing needs, OJAS has created carefully crafted formulations, highly concentrated with natural and organic ingredients—blended by some of the world’s most advanced science. Each product intrinsically works to enhance and strengthen your skin against daily assaults and stressors like sun damage and free radicals, the primary causes of premature aging.


The heart of OJAS is our ™ serums. We believe that to achieve a balanced energy, the skin requires care of Mind-Body-Spirit—™. Sometimes that means protecting its fragile barrier, other times, restoring radiance. Either way, each collection treats a unique skin concern and is hand-crafted to deliver effective results for overall well-being.

We have studied the powerful way nature rejuvenates itself and discovered nothing more potent to repair and restore than plant stem cells, therefore, we harness their best aspects and produce cultures in our California-based laboratory. Then we custom-craft each collection by combining the energizing plant stem cells with organic ingredients, immune-boosting topical probiotics, and anti-aging peptides.

All OJAS ™ serums are comprised of ingredients that have been meticulously tested for the utmost performance and safety, including the use of clinical studies, gene data, and image analysis to confirm bioactivity without compromising health and safety.

With hypoallergenic formulas, we are also constantly researching and testing new ingredients and innovative ingredient combinations to be as close to 100% natural as possible.

We craft our advanced skincare without parabens, phthalates, FD&C dyes, glutens, or sulfates, and never test on animals.